Lyttelton by Rail: Beca Heritage Week

railBeca Heritage Week (13–23 October) is looming large and it’s the 150th anniversary of the Lyttelton Rail Tunnel. Lyttelton Museum and Lyttelton Library are celebrating with an exhibition, Lyttelton by Rail, but they also want to hear your stories.

Have you been through the Lyttelton Rail Tunnel by train? Did you live in Lyttelton and go to school or work on the train? Did you ever catch the Wellington ferry after a train ride? Do you have photos from those times?

Come along to the exhibition at the Lyttelton Library 14–21 October. There’ll be historical information, photos and even a video featuring a few locals talking about their school days on the train. There will also be an opportunity for you to record your own thoughts and memories.

If you would rather share your stories via film or audio, then come on down and fill in a booking sheet and one of our volunteers will be delighted to talk to you in person.

Lyttelton Museum is in the business of collecting, sharing and celebrating stories of the Harbour area and its people. We look forward to meeting you! You can contact us through our website: www.



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